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 Choosing the best E-waste vendor for your company

Reducing and Eliminating E-Waste | July 2020 | Communications of the ACMHow to Evaluate the E-waste Vendor?

Electronics are an integral part of nearly every aspect of life; they change how we work, learn, play, and connect. Since we own more electronics and are constantly upgrading, we are creating e-waste at breakneck speed. What is an IT director to do with all the used IT gear? Here are the criteria we recommend for choosing the best e-waste vendor.

Certification Matters

Lots of companies claim to be e-waste experts but are they certified? Without the proper certification, you can put your company and clients at risk. To mitigate the risk, demand the R2 certificationR2 is the gold standard in e-waste certification. They are the only multi-stakeholder, nonprofit organization focused exclusively on minimizing the environmental and health risks posed by used and end-of-life electronics. Certification is not an easy or cheap endeavor however, if your vendor is R2 certified, you can rest assured you are in the best possible position to minimize a data breach or an environmental disaster.

Inventory Accuracy and Reporting

When vetting your next vendor ask to see a sample asset report. At NexTech, your report will contain make, model, serial number, and other critical information. This will help your accounting department write off the assets correctly. It might even support canceling a maintenance contract because those used IT assets are now out of service. Your asset report should be easy to understand. The accurate report should be emailed to you in a reasonable amount of time.

Effectiveness at Remarketing

A vendor’s ability to remarket equipment is important. Remarketing value depends on many factors (age, condition, type of equipment). NexTech was built on buying and selling used IT assets. As a result, our experienced asset managers are fantastic at finding value where others cannot. NexTech sells gear all over North America and in 27 countries around the world. We evaluate each asset and are committed to ensuring each piece is remarketed at its maximum value. Experience counts.

Safety and Compliance

Most electronics are fantastic to use but these same electronics are made with toxins that are harmful to humans and the environment. Does your vendor have the correct certifications to handle these electronics in a safe and secure way? Above all, it should come as no surprise that safety and compliance are our biggest priorities when evaluating vendors. Is your next vendor ISO 14001 certified? ISO 14001 means the company has implemented proactive initiatives and environmental management systems to protect the environment, including sustainable resource use. In addition, OHSAS 18001 ensures that employee health and safety are always top-of-mind. The OHSAS 18001 seal means the company puts a priority on occupational health and safety through its policies, processes, plans, and practices.


Certifications matter because compliance with safety and the environment is the key to handling hazardous material. If your vendor does not care about their own safety, why would care about yours? Choose the best e-waste vendor and it will make all the difference. We give you peace of mind by rigorously ensuring we are compliant with industry protocols.