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NexTech makes environmentally responsible, certified IT asset disposal secure and simple.

Concerned about a network intrusion and the security protocols protecting personal and company data on a live network environment?  Believe it or not, even though retired equipment is sitting in a closet, it can still pose a risk. You need a certified partner with a proven process to dispose of your gear in a compliant, environmentally friendly way.

NexTech is R2 Certified through a third party independent auditor, and provides:

  • Deinstallation & Secure Transportation – We’ll handle the heavy lifting by getting your old gear out of your office! NexTech Concierge service will even de-install and pack on-site.
  • Asset Management & Reporting – We’ll track each item we receive from you, providing transparency and producing all detailed records required (make, model, serial number).
  • Processing & Destruction – We’ll destroy select devices, if requested, or perform the required data erasure and sanitation to protect your team and your brand.
  • Recycling – We break down all materials for entry into the appropriate recycling stream, ensuring the disposal of your equipment complies with all state and federal laws.
  • Refurbishment / Repair / Upgrades – We can help you in other ways, too. Let us know how you plan to use the equipment moving forward.
  • Redeployment – We’ll deliver the hardware back to your location or we can work to find it a new home.