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Changing your attitude is the environmental solution. Over the last few years, attitudes and understanding towards a cleaner environment have started to change! The solution to a cleaner environment is adjusting your mindset and attitude toward the products we use everyday. One simple way to improve is to not throw your old computer in the trash. That computer is not an old milk carton. It’s filled with harmful metals and compounds.

Some businesses believe throwing an old computer in the trash won’t make that much difference! It is just one computer. Really?  It makes a huge difference. Multiply that attitude and action by millions of people and corporations throwing away old laptops. We can all make a difference, lets reuse it or recycle in the safest way we can. Each old computer has recyclable parts that can be reused. Technology firms including Dell, Microsoft and Google have joined a new initiative aimed at creating a circular economy for electronics by 2030.

So what is the solution to throwing IT gear away? Find certified local IT recycler. At NexTech we have spent the last 20 years dealing used and recycled gear. NexTech is creating a way for companies and individuals to safety dispose of used IT gear.

We are fast becoming the south’s largest IT recycling company. Every week we process tens of thousands of pounds of used IT gear. Each device received is one device that does not land up in landfill.

Don’t be part of the problem. Be part of the solution. Changing your attitude is the environmental solution.