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Microsoft Research Team finds Password Reuse Rampant - IT Security Guru 

Three simple ways to improve your own data security behavior

Organizations and individuals now face threats from multiple sources. The nature of those threats continue to evolve, rapidly. Most companies have some kind of data security policy. These policies are helpful.  However, what are you doing to protect yourself from data threats? Below are three simple ways you can improve  your own data security behavior. Just remember, either you are part of the problem or part of the solution. There are three simple ways to improve your own data security behavior. At NexTech, we have a few suggestions.

Don’t steal my password 

Adopt to a password-plus strategy. Enhance passwords with biometrics, implement multifactor authentication and utilize digital certificates for stronger protection. For example:

  1. Use a unique password for each of your important accounts (i.e. email and online banking). Do not use the same password across multiple accounts.
  2. Your password should be at least 8 characters long. Password should consist of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and symbols. A long password will offer more protection than a short password if it is properly constructed.

Who is looking at my computer?

The world has changed. Most users are working remotely today. The physical security of a device is as important as its data. The physical protection of a device is just as important as the cybersecurity deployed on and within the device. If you’re using public spaces to work, remember to use a privacy shield so your data is protected from prying eyes. Furthermore, you should avoid entering passwords when connected to unsecured Wi-Fi connections (like at an airport or coffee shop). Hackers can intercept your passwords and data over unsecured connections.

It’s time to say good-bye to your laptop

The average use of a computer is about 4 years. After that is requires an upgrade or an entirely new machine to keep up with the latest software. Most of us either store the device in a closet or unsecured environment. Some of us try some reset and donate it. Did you know there is recoverable data on these devices? It could be your personal information or pictures. Moreover, it could be your client’s or patients personal information. Either way, you must find a certified company such as NexTech to destroy or wipe the data with a tier one wiping solution such as NIST-800.

In conclusion, you can take these three simple ways to improve your own data security behavior or you pay pay a hefty price later when your information is compromised.