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NexTech designed an IT disposal and recycling success story! A bank, with over 4,000 locations, needed to properly dispose of its retired IT assets.
There are risks to retired IT gear lying around and financial industry is steeped in regulations aimed at  preventing data breaches.
With thousands of IT assets containing sensitive data, our client needed a certified partner who could track and manage all of the assets. NexTech needed to  protect and destroy all sensitive data.
There was also an absence of logistics expertise essential for this turnkey asset disposal. NexTech’s client needed a comprehensive and compliant IT asset
disposal service that unburdened their IT staff. NexTech created an IT asset disposal success and recycling plan for this client.


NexTech customized an IT Asset Management/Disposal program that unified the collection of assets and that prioritized assets based on value.  NexTech meticulously recorded
and tracked all assets. Then, NexTech identified assets that carried maintenance contracts for which our client was being billed.
Our client was able to terminate those contracts, saving hundreds of thousands in maintenance costs. Additionally, upon identifying viable equipment, NexTech
was able to store the equipment and redeploy to other client locations. NexTech provided detailed asset reports with serial numbers, brands, models,
test results, and disposal/recycling information.


The NexTech results increased efficiencies. As a result, our client cut costs by terminating maintenance contracts on retired assets once those assets were disposed.
Our client was able to avoid data breaches and was able to adhere to strict environmental and industry regulations because of NexTech’s R2 certified processes. NexTech provided proper, auditable documentation/certificates as proof of compliance.

By customizing comprehensive IT Asset Disposal programs to each client’s unique needs, NexTech facilitates reduced capital costs, improved efficiencies
and recovered value from obsolete IT inventories.

Industry compliance is of paramount concern in the financial world. NexTech created and implemented an IT success and recycling process
ensuring adherence to industry standards and compliance regulations while also saving a vast amount of time and money.